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Welcome to InnerFaith Prison Ministry, in its 42nd year of ministry to inmates and their families, bringing before you a team of individuals with a passion to see broken lives restored by a Living God.

We are committed to minister to brothers and sisters in Christ, and non-believers as well, inside prisons, proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ, acknowledging the whole body of Christ, and encouraging the church to fulfill the Great Commission according to Matthew 25:36 “...I was in prison and you visited me…“  

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From Russ' Heart

From Russ’s Heart –Winning over Sin!

Recently, in one of our Wednesday Bible studies, a question was asked; How does a Christian win over sin? In my own journey through life I have had to look back at my own sin and understand what it was, it was an attack on the will of God, an attack on the authority of God, the sovereignty of God, the purpose of God. It is disobedience to God.  See sin for what it is. All sin is against God. It attacks Him first and foremost. That's why the point of confession is to God first. He is the one who we dishonor when we sin. You may effect others with your sin but the primary point of confession is always to God. You may need to seek forgiveness from others  because you have sinned against them, however the primary point of confession is still God. He is the One most holy, He is the One most offended. If I'm going to deal with sin in my life, then, I've got to look back and see what it did to Christ, how sin pursued Him all through His life and brought Him only pain, only sadness, even tears, ultimately death. That's what sin is like, it wants to kill Christ, it wants to kill the purest who ever lived. You need to remember that. That's what it wants to do and that's what it wants to do to you, kill what is pure, what is Christ like. So as you battle to win the war over sin, remember how cruel and awful it was and stay far away from it.  Recognize its power and know your only strength comes from the Word of God empowered by the Spirit of God. Arm yourself for the battle that lies ahead with God’s armor that you must put on from His Word. Specifically revealed in Ephesians Chapter 6. You will not win without it!  Beloved it is my prayer that sin not win again in your life but that you  experience more victories than defeats. Let’s stay victorious through Christ with a proper understanding and application of His Word and together we will be Winning over Sin!